Where to Begin

Consider the following questions:

Klinik1) Why do I wish to pursue an elective in global health?
E.g. career goals, personal goals

2) Where shall this elective occur?
E.g. hospital/clinic, rural/urban, local/global

3) What will I do there?
E.g. clinical work, research, area of specialty

4) With whom will I work?
E.g. communities, local faculty, on-site preceptor

5) How could I contribute positively?
E.g. supplies, knowledge, skills, time, service

6) How do I ensure this is an ethical elective?

7)  Can I afford this elective?
While limited funding support is available, these electives can be quite costly (licensing applications, visa applications, fees, flights, accommodation, etc.).  There are some travel awards available for residents that we strongly recommend applying for as well.

Once you have considered these questions you may begin preparation for your elective.

GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME (minimum 6 months) to make the necessary arrangements.

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